Clone Jam Porpentine

November’s Clone Jam (running from Nov 14 through Nov 16) features Porpentine!

Clone Jam is a series of monthly game jams centered around various past, present, and budding freeware developers. Each month, a different freeware developer has agreed to be the featured artist for the jam, where participants create games inspired by the featured developer’s work. This could be art style, mood, theme, tone, soundscape, you name it!

While hosting several visual based games on GameJolt, what Porpentine is most known for are her excellent Twine games.
As such, both interactive fiction and more traditional games are welcome for the jam! As long as it is inspired by a work of Porpentine, everything is well.

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I’m also using the twitter hashtags #CloneJam and #CloneJamPorpi to spread the word about the Clone Jam series and Clone Jam Porpentine, respectively.

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