#clonejamcmrn is on its way!

#clonejamcmrn is almost here! (Dec 5-7) So get ready for some narrative game jamming!

What is Clone JamClone Jam is a series of monthly game jams centered around various past, present, and bud­ding free­ware devel­op­ers. Each month, a dif­fer­ent free­ware devel­oper has agreed to be the fea­tured artist for the jam, where par­tic­i­pants cre­ate games inspired by the fea­tured developer’s work. This could be art style, mood, theme, tone, sound­scape, you name it!

Kunzelman is known for many things; one of which is strong narrative games; a kind of narrative game I’ve always wanted to make but struggled doing so; games that set an overwhelming mood and scene, not through an abundance of art and special effects, but through good characters and establishing a setting and tone; solid world building; games like Catachresis, and his recently kickstarted Epanalepsis.

So why don’t you pop on by Dec 5-7 and try your hand at a game like this?

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