EnviroGolf: A Text-Based Environmentally Savvy Golf Game

Psudo-text based golf game? That sounds awful!


And it is! EnviroGolf was conceived several years ago as a running joke (a text based sports game that screeches to the tune of environmental protection), but finally with GameJolt’s 2014 New Years Jam, the opportunity arose to make such a game. And here we are!

While there is no real theme to the game as sports games, text games, and environmentally savvy games can all be swell, the general idea behind EnviroGolf was to make a game of a genre we strongly dislike (in this case, a combination of genre, style, and purpose that don’t mesh well). If we had patience and memory, it probably would have been created for Fuck This Jam!

EnviroGolf’s Page here (where you can reread that lovely block of text again if you should so desire).

Download page at GameJolt

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