Harvey H. Johnson

Hello I’m Harvey H Johnson. I’m new to the team but I hope to make some games

I am trying to make a game for the GBJamright now so we will see what comes out of that

If you want to keep up with me on there my game’s forum post can be found right here

My twitter is: @HarveyHJohnson

And you can contact me at

If this game jam turns out alright Id like to collaborate with whoever would would be willing


Harvey disappeared while working on his game. He took a day off of game making and found a strange CD in an abandoned building. I believe he unleashed a force we don’t understand. I wrote more about it, and uploaded the CD’s contents, here:
I had to upload it. If I didn’t, I’m afraid they would have disappeared me too.


It appears that some others have taken it upon themselves to record sightings and happenings of the game. They are posting what they find here: