Its a new year, and last year wasn’t so bad either!

With 2014 already underway, it feels appropriate to give the highlights of 2013 a last nod. Several amazing things happened in ’13. A few of the ones I am most proud of include:

  • the 14 freeware games I assisted in making (both my own projects and others)
  • Don’t Kill the Cow won People’s Choice at GLS 9.0
  • Don’t Kill the Cow was also accepted to and displayed at Artscape
  • The Duck Game was accepted and displayed at GLS 9.0
  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge was accepted to and displayed at Artscape
  • An Occurrence also won a silver at Serious Play.
  • Children’s Day was accepted for display at the Miami of Ohio Art Museum.

In addition, a ton was learned about development and collaborating. While there is much more to learn, I never thought I would ever consider myself a developer, much less one capable of working with so many amazing people, yet here we are. Onward and upward to another amazing year.

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