Music Video(game) Jam


What’s All This Then?

The Music Video(game) Jam is a week-long jam, from Jan 12 through Jan 18, with the purpose of creating music video(game)s. Under the music tab on the jam page, there will be three possible songs to use for your game. When the jam starts, you will pick one of these songs, and craft a game around your chosen song.

Music Video(game) What?

For the purpose of this jam, a music video(game) is defined as:

  • no sounds outside of the selected song
  • the game must end when the song does
  • the ending should (ideally) concluded the game in a satisfying way
  • the game should showcase the song

As stated above, the game should feature the song. Create an experience that alters the way players will hear the song from now on. Build your game to match the flow of the song. Simply put, make the song visually interactive!

I’m Sold! Now What?

Sit back, relax, and get ready to jam while you jam!

Oh, don’t forget to spread the word; use MVGJam for Twitter and Facebook. Build up a team perhaps, and encourage others to join the fun! It’ll be a great way to start off the new year on the right foot, and a wonderful alternative jam to get those dev thoughts flowing.

Check out the jam page here.

Good luck and keep well. Cheers!

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