RUNNER; coming to a GameJolt near you

The GameJolt page has yet to be built, but if there is anything I’ve learned from making the [US]SR and Crab Dungeon Full of Dungeonous Crabs pages, its that sometimes “finished in a week or two” can mean “finished in half a year or more.” Better to wait until the game is release ready to post it online, than let that nice POP of a new project fizzle.

Either way, RUNNER is about as close to launch as it could be. There are just a few elements I want to modify and add before it goes live.

  • Online high score: I’ve never done this before, but thanks to extremely web savvy friends. This should be do-able.
  • Music: there is music in the game, but there is the possibility to replace it or supplement it.
  • More art: Even when the game goes live, there will be more art added periodically, mainly to give the game additional flair.

Enjoy screenshots. May they bring you incomprehensible happiness.


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